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Shock Cord

We carry four sizes of shock cord [bungee] for making spray skirts and various other uses. All sizes have a black polypropylene cover. Elongation is 120%±10%. Minimum breaking strength as reported by the manufacturer is listed in the table below. The ¼" size is standard for spray skirts but the 5/16" or 3/8" can be used for heavy-duty applications. The 3/8" is more commonly used for boat tie downs and the like.

Stainless steel C-clips can be used to close loops; use at least two per loop. We used to stock only two sizes, using the smaller ones for 3/16" and 1/4" and the larger ones for 5/16" and 3/8". We now stock four different sizes, one for each size of cord. This should make them considerably easier to use than when they were often slightly too large or too small.

Shock CordStrength1-9 Yd>10 Yd50-yd Roll
    3/16"    45 lb.  .70  .60  18.00
    1/4"    60 lb.  .90  .80  28.00
    5/16"  185 lb.1.501.30  39.00
    3/8"  215 lb.2.101.80  54.00
Stainless steel clips for closing loops; specify size of cord to be used on.
    .10 each1.00/doz7.00/100  18.00/lb

Nylon Rope & Cord

Braided nylon rope is available in three sizes for many and varied uses. The ¼" size is standard for endloops on canoes and kayaks. The nylon cord has many uses but we sell it primarily to hang whitewater slalom courses. The #15 is standard for race courses, where the gates remain up for only a few days. The #30 braided is preferred for practice gates where durability is important. All of our rope and cord is natural [white]. Colored rope is not available.

Braided nylon rope1-9 Yd>10 Yd100 Yd roll200 Yd Roll
    1/8"  .32  .28  24.00    —
    1/4"  .40  .35  31.00  58.00
    5/16"  .55  .50  48.00  85.00
Nylon Cord (Slalom String)
#15 twisted, 500 yd/roll      7.00/roll  72.00/doz
#30 braided, 225 yd/roll    13.00/roll136.00/doz

Kayak & Canoe Accessories

YAKIMA® footbraces for whitewater kayaks feature anodized aluminum rails which are easily installed in the boat with two stainless-steel screws. Installation is mostly self evident but we have instructions on our How-To page. The moveable footpads are adjustable in ¾" steps. The adjustment range is about 3" less than the rail length. For touring kayaks, where the footbraces are to be attached to a rudder, an additional sliding track is required. These are available with the 10", 13", 14½" and 17" lengths. The touring and whitewater foot pedals differ slightly in that the part that fits into the rail is aluminum for whitewater but plastic for touring, which reduces the effects of corrosion by salt water when used for ocean touring. If you are installing fixed touring footbraces now but think you might want to add a rudder later, we suggest using the 14½" version. The mounting holes for these have exactly the same spacing as the holes in the plastic track so you can remove the footbrace rail and install the track using the same holes.

footbraces sand slot

Pictured above left are the 13" with touring track, 10" and 7". The right photo shows the sand slot used on the 10" and longer models. These braces should be installed so that this slot is on the lower side, which allows sand or other grit to be worked out of the aluminum rail. There is no slot on the 7" model.

DescriptionOne Set5+ Sets
  7", 10", 13", or 14½" Whitewater  45.00  33.00
  10", 13", or 14½" Touring, fixed  43.00  31.00
  17" Touring, fixed  38.00  32.00
  Tracks for touring boats with a rudder  13.00  10.50

Mold-Finishing Products

We handle TR® brand mold-finishing compounds and waxes. A new mold is first machine buffed with the heavy-duty cleaner to bring the surface to a high polish. It is then buffed with sealer-glaze to close up its pores and then waxed with basic mold wax. After several parts are pulled the regular mold wax, which is somewhat easier to apply, can be used. Periodic buffing with wax-buildup remover will retain a high polish. After many parts a mold should be stripped and the above procedure repeated. PVA should be used in addition to wax on new or recently refinished molds. Two types of PVA are listed on the Resins Page of this catalog. See our page on Mold Construction & Maintenance for more information. All of these products are hazardous materials for which the HazMat fee does not apply but they cannot be shipped by air or outside of the lower-48 US states.

Mold-Finishing ProductsEachSix+
TR-102 Regular mold wax for broken-in molds, 14-oz can11.0010.00
TR-104 High temperature mold wax, 14-oz can11.0010.00
TR-108 Basic mold wax for new molds, 14-oz can11.0010.00
TR-311 Heavy-Duty Cleaner for machine polishing molds  7.0027.00
TR-301 Sealer Glaze for finishing mold before waxing  9.0041.00
TR-502 Wax-Buildup Remover, restores shine without resealing  8.0029.00

We have small amounts of other TR products on a trial basis. We have no hands-on experience with these so we are relying only on TR literature. If any of these become popular we will add them to our regular line up. The trial size is approximately a pint or a pound. The normal container size for all of these is one gallon.

Coverall PVA Mold Release

Coverall® Film is a purple, water-based solution of polyvinyl alcohol for use as a mold release with polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resin systems. It can be used in place of the traditional green Partall® Film #10, which is an alcohol-based mold release, commonly referred to as PVA. Rexco logo Coverall has a much lower VOC content and, being non-flammable, it is not subject to shipping regulations. The manufacturer’s data sheet for Coverall is available on line. They also have a trouble-shooting guide in the form of a list of questions and answers. These documents recommend the use of Rexco Partall® Paste #2 prior to applying the PVA. We have found that TR-108 mold wax works at least as well, perhaps better. MSDSs are available in PDF format for Rexco Coverall and Partall products. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to be able to access these files.

ProductQuartGallon4 Gallons
Coverall Mold Release   7.0021.00  74.00


Poly BottlesEachDozen
    1 oz    .40    3.50
    2 oz    .45    4.00
    4 oz    .50    4.50
    8 oz    .75    7.00
  16 oz  1.10  10.00
Wide-mouth Quart  1.50  14.00
Metal CansEachDozen
TT paint can, 8 oz  1.50  16.00
TT paint can, quart  2.50  26.00
TT paint can, gallon  4.00  40.00
Brush-top glue can, 8 oz  1.70  17.00


Type SizeEachDozen
Shuford low-residue masking tape¾" x 60 yd1.5015.00
Scotch fiber-reinforced strapping tape¾" x 60 yd3.0030.00
Clear PVC packaging tape2" x 110 yd2.0018.00

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