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Gougeon logo WEST System PRODUCTS

Included on this page are the WEST SYSTEM® products that we carry in stock. These products are convenient and highly user friendly for canoe and kayak outfitting, boat repair, and limitless home and workshop projects. Also on this page are pigments, metal flake, and several generic fillers that may be used with WEST System epoxy.

We will be pleased to stock other items from Gougeon’s catalog in response to customer demand. For more detailed information about Gougeon products ask for a copy of the WEST SYSTEM® User Manual & Product Guide, free with any order, please ask.

Epoxy Resin and Hardeners

Epoxy Resin #105 comes in quarts [group A], gallons [group B], and 4.4 gallons [group C] with your choice of a fast [15 minute pot life] or slow [30 minute pot life] hardener — be sure to specify which you want. Special Coating hardener #207 [30 minute] should be used for clear laminates on wood. Extra-slow or “Tropical” hardener #209 is for use only in very hot conditions. There also are available small repair packets that come with the fast hardener only -- great for travel and quick repairs.   Please check the general safety guidelines for handling these products by clicking on the WEST SYSTEM link above and then the Health & Safety tab at the top of that page. Their safety page also contains links to Material Safety Data Sheets for most WEST SYSTEM products. The following table shows the various resin-hardener combinations available. The 206C, 207SC and 209SC hardeners are subject the UPS HazMat shipping surcharge.

SizeNumber and DescriptionPrice
Repair packs101-T, 19 grams of 105 resin + 205 hardener, $9.00/pair. . . Pkg of 6:  25.00
1 quart105-A Resin + 205-A fast hardener or 206-A slow hardener  57.00
1 gallon105-B Resin + 205-B fast hardener or 206-B slow hardener135.00
4.4 gallons105-C Resin + 205-C fast hardener or 206-C slow hardener515.00
1 quart105-A Resin + 207-SA special coating hardener  76.00
1 gallon105-B Resin + 207-SB special coating hardener173.00
4.4 gallons105-C Resin + 207-SC special coating hardener616.00
1 quart105-A Resin + 209-SA extra-slow hardener  71.00
1 gallon105-B Resin + 209-SB extra-slow hardener167.00
4.4 gallons105-C Resin + 209-SC extra-slow hardener599.00

Please note that the 207-SA and 209-SA hardeners consist of 10.6 fl oz put up in a pint can. This is the correct amount to use with a 105-A resin but the can is only about two-thirds filled — which is the way it is supposed to be.

All of these products can be purchased separately. The A and B units come four to a case. Some of the C units are boxed individually. Items shown with prices in red require the HazMat fee if shipped by UPS.

105-AResin, quart  38.00137.00
105-BResin, gallon  94.00330.00
105-CResin, 4.4 gallon369.00  —
205-A, 206-AFast or slow hardener  19.00  60.00
205-B, 206-BFast or slow hardener  41.00146.00
205-CFast hardener146.00497.00
206-CSlow hardener146.00497.00
207-SASpecial coating hardener  38.00120.00
207-SBSpecial coating hardener  79.00263.00
207-SCSpecial coating hardener247.00  —
209-SAExtra-slow hardener  33.00104.00
209-SBExtra-slow hardener  73.00254.00
209-SCExtra-slow hardener230.00  —

Minipumps are available for measuring and dispensing all of these combinations. The pumps attach directly to the cans and can be left there between uses. We strongly recommend their use for dispensing small quantities. Gougeon has reconfigured these pumps and now supplies them as a set of three that works for any combination of resin and hardener. They have a yellow plunger to distinguish them from the older 301 and 303 pumps. The new pumps are compatible with some of the old ones but not with all, so unless you are certain you know what you are doing it is safer not to use old and new pumps in any combination.

300Minipumps, 5:1 and 3:1 ratios for all resin–hardener combinations15.00

G/flex Epoxy

Gflex epoxy

G/flex epoxy is a toughened, versatile, liquid epoxy for permanent waterproof bonding of fiberglass, ceramics, metals, plastics, damp and difficult-to-bond woods. With a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 psi, it is a bit more flexible than standard epoxies and polyester, but much stiffer than adhesive sealants. This gives G/flex the ability to make structural bonds that can absorb the stress of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration. It is ideal for bonding dissimilar materials. It can be modified with various fillers and additives, and used to wet-out fiberglass tapes and fabrics. Mixed at a 1:1 ratio, G/flex gives you 45 minutes of working time at room temperature. It reaches an initial cure in 7 to 10 hrs and full cure in 24 hrs.

G/flex is available in 4-oz bottles, 16-oz bottles, or 1 gallon containers of the resin and hardener. G/flex 650 epoxy repair kit contains 4-oz bottles of the resin and hardener plus 2 mixing sticks, 2-12 cc syringes, 4-g adhesive filler, 4-mixing cups, 1 pair gloves and 4 alcohol pads. A thickened version of G/flex 655 is available in a kit with 4-oz tubes of the resin and hardener plus 2 mixing sticks, 10 mixing palettes, 1 pair gloves and 4 alcohol pads.

650-8G/flex epoxy, two 4-oz bottles  21.00
650-KG/flex kit, two 4-oz bottles, kit described above  30.00
650-32G/flex epoxy, two 16-oz bottles  58.00
650-2GG/flex epoxy, two 1 gallon containers275.00
655-KThickened G/flex kit, two 4-oz tubes, kit described above  30.00

Fillers and Fibers

Most of these products are designed to thicken or extend the epoxy resin to make different fillers, putties, and pastes. They can also be used with polyester or vinylester resins. All are described in detail in the User Manual & Product Guide.

403-28Microfibers, thickening filler  20 oz. can  24.00
404-15High-Density Filler  15 oz. can  14.00
404-45High-Density Filler  43 oz. can  31.00
405Filleting blend    8 oz. can  15.00
406Colloidal silica, see Aerosil, below.    —
407Low-density filler, see Glass Microspheres, below.    —
410-7Microlight, fairing compound    5 oz. can  30.00
420-36Aluminum powder    36 oz. can  48.00
423Graphite powder, low-friction additive    12 oz. can  17.00

We also carry three generic fillers that are not WEST SYSTEM brand.

Milled glass fiber, 1/32" nominal, reinforcing filler  129.00 50-lb bag
Glass Microspheres, lightweight filler6 oz pkg, 12.5025.0022.00/lb.  >10 lb.
Aerosil thixotropic silica powder3 oz pkg, 4.0016.0081.00 10-lb bag

Pigments and Metal Flake

Pigments come in the form of a viscous liquid. Our recommendation has always been that pigments can be added at rates up to 2% by volume. Studies by Gougeon Brothers [Epoxyworks No. 21, Summer 2003, pp. 10-11] indicate that pigment loadings up to 5% by weight in WEST System epoxy are satisfactory. This translates to 3-4% by volume, depending on the color. Pigments can also be blended to form other colors — with care! For quantities of a gallon or more a wider range of standard and custom colors is available. These are priced by the pound and must be quoted for each individual color. Be sure to stir pigments before use if they have been sitting around for any length of time. All colors tend to separate but the red does so much more quickly so stir it every few days.

Pigment Colors6 oz8 ozQuart
Black21.00  —104.00
White12.00  —  45.00
Dark Blue  —11.00  33.00
Purple  —14.00  42.00
Kelly Green; Royal Blue18.00  —  —
Red22.00  —  —
Yellow15.00  —  —
Orange14.00  —  —

Metal Flake

Metal flake (glitter) consists of 15-mil squares or hexagons of aluminized polyester in various colors. There are 5 colors available and listed below. They can be mixed into clear gelcoat and sprayed onto a mold surface to produce a glittery look. Multiple passes can use different colors and produce complex graphics. Proper application is an art that takes much practice. Click on the small image at right to see the complete color chart [56 kB].   Color rendition is not perfect and may vary further depending on the color card in each viewer’s computer. It should at least give some idea about the colors. Some of the colors shown in this chart are no longer available; please refer to the list below.

Only Colors available are Chartreuse, Burgundy, Rose, and Ocean.

Metal Flake3-oz pkg.1 lb.5 lb.20 lb.
All Colors   3.5016.0013.0012.00
5-lb and 20-lb prices apply to 5 lb or 20 lb or more of any combination of colors.

Tools and Manuals

Please see our main Tools Page for mixing sticks, squeegees, syringes, several types of rollers and a great many more items.

NumberDescriptionQuantity PriceQuantityPrice
8009" Foam Roller CoversPkg of 2  4.00Dozen21.00
803Glue brush, ½" x 6", metal handleDozen  2.00Box of 14418.00
550Fiberglass Boat Repair & MaintenanceEach  4.00 
650Gelcoat Blisters: Repair & PreventionEach  4.00 
740Final Fairing & FinishingEach  4.00 
970Wooden Boat Restoration & RepairEach  4.00 
150Vacuum Bagging TechniquesEach  4.00 
950User Manual & Product Guideby itself  1.50with orderFree

Please contact us for more information.